Unfinished or Pre finished?

A major question to ask, when choosing a floor type, is whether to use an unfinished material or a factory (pre) finished product. Several points need to be taken into consideration.

Unfinished boards (or a board needing a finish seal applied on-site), are certainly a versatile option. An individual appearance for such a floor is enhanced thanks to a wide range of colours, as guided by The Classic Floor Company. One of these colours will give a selected finish ranging from a whitewash, via mid tone antiques to a dark onyx black, in various sheen levels. It’s also possible to achieve an unfinished appearance by using ‘Original Wood’, which is a new product available on the market. This popular product leaves the wood in a natural matt finish.

Even so, there are certain advantages in choosing a pre finished floor product. To ease installation, if nothing else. Good quality factory finishes are certainly superior products. Resins and titanium oxides are added to these finishes, which gives a long-lasting surface. Pre finished boards also have various colour schemes and finish types. Not only that, but with most installations, pre finished boards are a practical option for getting around large furniture, which is tricky to remove.

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to flooring projects. It will depend on an individual situation, when it comes to agreeing the best choice of flooring type. Give us a call today and we’ll give FREE, no-obligation advice.


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