Unfinished or Pre finished?

One of the big questions when selecting a flooring type is whether to use an unfinished material or a factory finished product. There are several considerations to be taken into account.


An unfinished board, or a board which requires a finish seal applied on site, is undoubtedly a versatile choice. A wide range of available colours gives the floor an individual appearance. Choosing one of these colours gives a selected finish ranging from a whitewash, through mid tone antiques to a dark onyx black in different sheen levels. A new product available called “Original wood” even gives the floor an unfinished appearance and is proving popular, leaving the wood with a natural matt finish.


However there can be distinct advantages in choosing a pre finished flooring product, not least the ease of installation. The latest good quality factory finishes are superior products. Titanium oxides and resins are now added to these finishes to give a durable and lasting surface. A wide range of colours and finish types are now available in pre finished boards. In addition, when fitting in most situations it is an advantage to install the flooring around large furniture items which may be difficult to remove. A pre finished board can be a huge benefit for the practicalities of a flooring installation.


Obviously each flooring project should be taken into consideration and the most suitable flooring type should be duly selected.


RW 12.09.16

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