Oak flooring in Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Oak flooring in Kitchens and Bathrooms?


The choice of wood flooring in the kitchen or bathroom is a frequently asked question. Here, we consider the pros and cons.


When designing a new kitchen, or refitting an existing one, the flooring is an important consideration. To get the ‘wow’ factor, freedom of choice is highly important, changing your design with a ‘second best’ choice will compromise the optimum end result. To enjoy your kitchen for years to come, it is important not to be restricted in this way.


Many people are deterred from using timber flooring because of concerns regarding possible staining, damage and general wear. However, a timber floor has a warmth and natural appeal and is also highly practical in the Kitchen. Unfortunately, any floor covering is susceptible to damage. Hard natural stone products such as slate, travertine, marble or ceramic tiles can be marked and cracked. A properly finished oak board is a practical solution being simple to clean and maintain. Wood can be a more forgiving material from the point of view of repairs. A gauge or deep scratch can be repaired with minimal fuss. Replacing a really badly damaged wooden board is usually quicker and easier (i.e. less expensive) than cutting out a broken tile and finding/replacing with a new one. The same rules also apply to bathrooms. With a very moderate amount of care a wooden floor will stay looking good and last for many years.


Always seek advice from your specialist flooring supplier/installer and ask about the practicalities of wood flooring, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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