Oak flooring in Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Customers often ask about how to choose wood flooring in a bathroom or kitchen. Here, we consider the pros and cons of what’s available.

Flooring is a key consideration when designing a new kitchen, or refitting an existing cuisine set-up. Freedom of choice is crucial for that ‘wow’ factor. A ‘second best’ choice will compromise the final result and you’ll be disappointed. To enjoy your kitchen for years to come, it’s important not to be restricted in this way.

Some people are put-off from using timber flooring. They are concerned about issues such as ease of damage, general wear and tear, and possible stains. In fact, timber floors are highly practical in kitchens and they give a natural and warm appeal. Any floor covering, whatsoever, is susceptible to damage. Hard natural stone, for example, can get marked and cracked such as marble, travertine, slate or ceramic tiles.

Oak boards, when properly finished, offer a practical solution, which is simple to maintain and clean in both kitchens and bathrooms. Wood is also a more forgiving material if repairs are needed. Any scratch or gauge can be fixed with minimal fuss. If a replacement wooden board is needed, in extreme circumstances due to bad damage, it’s easier to do so; compared to cutting out a broken tile and fitting a replacement. Wooden boards are more cost effective too. All that’s needed is moderate care and a wooden floor will look good and stay good for many years.

Any questions? Ask The Classic Floor Company about practical matters with wood flooring. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!


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