Floor Refurbishment

Floor Refurbishment.


Repairing an existing Solid or Engineered floor can enhance your pride and joy and can be a cost-effective upgrade to this valuable investment in your home.


Floors which have been neglected or worse still abused, maybe by an irresponsible tenant, can undermine your enjoyment of this important feature in your beautiful home.


From the careless transit of heavy furniture to over fastidious cleaning with unsuitable cleaning products, there are many causes of damage. We have seen floors gauged and scratched by pianos and heavy stoves but also oxidised from overzealous mopping. However, in most cases these seemingly hopeless situations can be retrieved.


Occasionally we see floors which have been poorly fitted, in this case it is usually possible to relay a floor. By introducing a small amount of new stock whilst salvaging most of the original material a significant saving can be made over a replacement.


Gauges and scratches can be spot repaired and refinished. If the board is damaged beyond repair an individual replacement board can be installed.


Oxidisation or a blackened and grubby appearance is usually the result of the loss of the floor finish, floors are then scrubbed repeatedly compounding this dirty appearance. This can be a serious problem if left unchecked, however a timely sanding and reseal should restore the floor to its former glory.


If you have concerns regarding your existing floor please contact us for a consultation.

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