Floor Refurbishment

Repairing your current solid or engineered floor is a positive decision. It can enhance your self-respect and be a real talking point for any visitors to your home. It can also be a cost-effective method to boost the value of your living abode.

Floors can be ruined from a variety of factors - neglect in the midst of a busy life, perhaps carelessness by an irresponsible tenant. Damaged floors affect your sense of enjoyment because they’re an important feature in your beautiful home, a fact which can sometimes be understated.    

From the careless transit of heavy furniture to over fastidious cleaning with unsuitable cleaning products, there are many causes for such damage. The team at The Classic Floor Company have repaired floors gauged and scratched by pianos and heavy stoves. Gauges and scratches can be spot-repaired and refinished. If the board is damaged beyond repair, an individual replacement board can be installed. Other floors have been oxidised after overzealous mopping. This results in a blackened or grubby appearance with a loss of the floor finish. Scrubbing floors in this state can compound the dirty appearance. Fortunately a timely sanding and reseal should restore the floor to its former glory.

Many customers think their floors are beyond repair - thankfully, not true! Our team have the right tools and experience to repair most damaged floors.

Sometimes we’ve seen floors that have been poorly fitted by a ‘professional’. In these cases, it’s usually possible to relay a floor. A small amount of new stock is introduced, whilst salvaging most of the original material and this gives a significant saving for the customer, compared to a complete floor replacement.

If you have concerns regarding your existing floor, please contact us today for a consultation.


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