Farrow & Ball - a refined range of paints

We’ve all been there. That moment when you look at the walls of a room and want to change… something. The colours served a season in the past but they don’t tell your story now. A fresh change is needed, something bright, colourful but also smart and intimate.

The Classic Floor Company is the largest stockist of Farrow & Ball paints in South Wales for a very simple reason: we love the paint ranges offered by F&B. The finest wines are revered by oenophiles and similarly the finest paints, in this case Farrow & Ball, are lauded by us. They are beautiful in every respect: fresh, tasteful, bursting with colour, deep in undertones but sparkling when it comes to evoking an emotional effect.

That’s all very well but it sounds like marketing-speak. What’s the reality? Why does Farrow & Barrow evoke such a hearty response? In a nutshell, or rather paintbrush, it’s the effect of light in the deep pigmentation of colours, which have the extraordinary effect of revitalising walls inside your home.

Farrow & Ball, as offered by The Classic Floor Company, provides you with a choice of 132 colours with 11 finishes available. Hague Blue, Elephant’s Breath, Borrowed Light, etc - intriguing names for an equally compelling paint range. Whether you’re into tradition or prefer a modern look, F&B simply caters for any design need.

The paint is created with professional attention by the F&B paint masters: blending china clay, chalk, titanium dioxide and water as a base, before rich pigments are added. All of the paints are painstakingly tested to ensure they meet quality standards.

Why not pop into the Monmouth or Chepstow outlets of The Classic Floor Company? Come and see the Farrow & Ball paint ranges for yourself and see what all the loving fuss us about!

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