Engineered wood flooring

Engineered Boards versus Solid Boards.


Engineered wood floor boards have now been available for many years, however it still remains one of the most misunderstood areas when choosing a floor. The vast majority of people who have opted for the engineered option are completely converted, but for those trying to make a choice it can be daunting. Here is a summary of the Engineered floor.


An Engineered board comes in a similar format to the traditional solid option, in other words, a length of plank in different widths, with a tongue and grooved profile on the sides and ends. However whereas a solid board is just that, solid wood from top to bottom, an engineered board is constructed from a stable backing material such as plywood or spruce, with a layer of Oak as a facing material. This is supplied factory finished in UV wax oil or matt lacquer, or unfinished for the fitter to seal on site.


Engineered flooring is sometimes essential. No reputable fitting company will install solid boards on top of an underfloor heating system (UFHS); indeed one of the main reasons for the introduction of Engineered was for this purpose. In the meantime the scope and diversity of Engineered has now reached a point where a character engineered product is difficult to distinguish from a solid floor. There are, however, still some customers who have set their hearts on the solid option which, in fairness, does have a unique character. Even so, there is no doubting that the market for solid boards is now smaller than the demand for the engineered type.


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