Doors hold the keys to good memories

It sounds a bit far-fetched to suggest ordering new doors is an emotional experience. But take a moment to think about the concept behind them. They serve a practical purpose, of course, but  we’re not just talking about planks of wood slotted together. Doors are the key to memories, good and poignant, for many people. Think of that time when your grandmother opened her front door when you pressed the buzzer. Or when you arrive tired from work and opened the door to see the children running around the lounge, having fun.

We may not realise it but doors resonate within our past and evoke multitudes of memories. That’s why the look, feel and purpose of them is so important. The team at The Classic Floor Company understands that. We realise you want to buy doors that don’t ‘seem’ right but ARE absolutely right for your home or business setting.

Please take your time therefore when browsing our products at our Monmouth or Chepstow stores. There’s no rush. We’ve got years of experience supplying and fitting doors - so feel free to ask for our impartial opinion. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

We supply and install doors for customers across South Wales and the nearby areas of England. All of our doors are of a superior quality and come with a 10-year guarantee, and FSC certified. If your need for new doors is for background safety, fire doors for example, this can also be arranged.

Don’t forget that we provide a superb range of door furniture, handles and the like, as well. It’s a wide reaching range to suit all manner of aesthetic tastes, perfectly complementing your design plans.

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