Does 'local' really matter?

Why do local businesses matter? It’s a fair question especially as we are increasingly reliant on online goods and services. Butcher, baker, candlestick maker - does it really matter if they’re based near you or further afield? Perhaps it depends on the exact service or goods required.


The Classic Floor Company is happy to be known as a local firm with a broader outreach. Our  retail units are based in Monmouth and Chepstow. Yet we help customers all over southern Wales - Abergavenny, Newport, Brecon, Crickhowell and across the border in Hereford, Ross-on-Wye, Gloucester, Cheltenham. That’s not an exhaustive list, we pretty much provide cover right across the region.


‘Cover’ is an odd word. In this context, what does it mean? It means installing hardwood flooring to professional standards alongside other services such as door hanging. We also provide a full range of Farrow & Ball paints (the new Sulking Room Pink F&B paint is shown in the attached image). In fact, we’re the largest stockist of F&B paints in southern Wales.

Basically, we cater for a wide range of home decor needs entirely suited to residents in the region.


And that’s why the fact we’re local matters. You can easily pop into one of our shops and chat about your requirements: hardwood floors, F&B paint and wallpaper, doors and door furniture, lights and accessories. Many of the products are also from the local area.


So, yes, ‘local’ does matter. Come and see us sometime soon! Talk to us about your future design plans for your home or local business. Let’s see how we can help.


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