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Sulking Room Pink No2.295 Traditional

Does 'local' really matter?

Why do local businesses matter? It’s a fair question especially as we are increasingly reliant on online goods and services. Butcher, baker, candlestick maker - does it really matter if...

Posted 19 days ago by Chris Eyte

Nine new colours

Nine exciting new colours released by Farrow & Ball!


Posted 25 days ago by Chris Eyte

FB paint range

Farrow & Ball - a refined range of paints

We’ve all been there. That moment when you look at the walls of a room and want to change… something. The colours served a season in the past but they...

Posted 26 days ago by Chris Eyte


Doors hold the keys to good memories

It sounds a bit far-fetched to suggest ordering new doors is an emotional experience. But take a moment to think about the concept behind them. They serve a practical purpose,...

Posted 31 days ago by Chris Eyte


Accessories... it's a personal choice!

ACCESSORIES are the understated contribution to the interior look and feel of any home or business premises.

Posted 32 days ago by Chris Eyte

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